About 7 Brothers

Seven Brothers Summiters Trek & Expedition (P) LTD. is one of the well known travel company based in Nepal for its high quality of services with an excellent reputation. The company has won numerous awards from various organizations for its contributions and achievements in the tourism industry.

The company is equipped by a group of professional staff with an extensive experiences and skills on various travel related activities like in trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering expedition and tour.

Mr. Nima Gompu Sherpa and his younger brother Passang Tenzing Sherpa, themselves are the well known mountaineers in Nepal. They have been successful for more than two decades and still going on, they are the expert in organizing expeditions, peak climbing, and trekking not only in Nepal but also in Tibet and Bhutan. They have been organizing both tailored made trips and pre-packaged trips as per the client’s requirements.

Till 2017, there is no record of any accidents and injuries to the clients and staff having 90% success rate in organizing both trekking and expeditions.


Seven Brothers Summiter Trek & Expedition is moderated by world famous climber Mr. Nima Gombu Sherpa and his brother Pasang Tenzing Sherpa (Instructor) with other supported crew members.


Nima Gombu Sherpa


He is a co-founder of Seven Brothers Summiters, Nima Gombu Sherpa is one of the renowned mountaineer in Nepal who holds 19th successful ascents on Mt. Everest and many other high peaks. READ MORE


Pasang Tenzing Sherpa

Director / International Mountain Guide / Everest Summitter

Pasang Tenzing Sherpa is an International Mountain Guide with the record of 11 times successful ascents on Mt. Everest and many other high peaks. He is a co-founder of Seven Brothers summiters.  READ MORE