Nima Gombu Sherpa

At the age of 13, he started to work in trekking field as a cook helper with his elder brothers team, since then he has been continuously working and have scaled the Mt. Everest 19 times followed by his first successful ascents on Mt. Everest at the age of 22. He is one of the famous climbers in Nepal having Guinness World RecordsMost siblings to have climbed Everest.

He has worked with many national and international companies as a Guide and Team Leader. After working for so many years (28 years) as a professional mountaineer, he started his own trekking company in 2012 with his younger brother Passang Tenzing Sherpa (Instructor), with the purpose to provide trekking and peak climbing services around the country.

Till 2017, There is no record of accident and any injuries to the client and staffs having 90% success rate in organizing both trekking and expeditions.

S.No. Date/ Year Season Group Name Mountain Height
1. 1990 Autumn French Everest 8000m
2. 1991 Autumn Nepali Women Everest 8700m
3. 1991 Winter French Amadablam 6200m
4. 1992 Spring Dutuch Everest 8500m
5. 1992 Autumn French Everest 8650m
6. 9th Oct 1993 Autumn French Everest Summit
7. 11th May 1994 Spring New Zealand Everest Summit
8. 1994 Autumn French Everest 8300m
9. 1995 Spring New Zealand Everest 8400mt
10. 1995 Autumn Korean Everest 8700mt
11. 10th May 1996 Spring Taiwan Everest Summit
12. 1996 Autumn Germany Everest 8200mt
13. 1996 Winter French Annapurna 7500mt
14. 1997 Spring New Zealand Everest 8800mt
15. 1997 Autumn Japanese K2 8300mt
16. 1997 Winter Japanese Manaslu 7600mt
17. 25th May 1998 Spring Himalayan Kingdom Everest Summit
18. 27th Oct 1998 Autumn Spanish Cho-oyu Summit
19. 14th Nov 1998 Autumn French Amadablam Summit
20. 22nd May 1990 Spring Himalayan Kingdom Everest Summit
21. 14th Oct 1990 Autumn British Shisa Pangma Summit
22. 24th May 2000 Spring Himalayan Kingdom Everest Summit
23. 2000 Autumn Jagged Globe Shisa Pangma 7950mt
24. 24th May 2001 Spring American Everest Summit
25. 2001 Autumn Germany Cho-oyu Summit
26. 16th May 2002 Spring American Cancer exp Everest Summit
27. 2002 Winter British Amadablam Summit
28. 22nd May 2003 Spring Romania Everest Summit
29. 2003 Autumn Gerany Cho-oyu Summit
30. 2004 Spring American & Nepali Everest Summit
31. 10th Oct 2004 Autumn Jagged Globe Shisa Pangma Summit
32. 4th June 2005 Spring British Everest Summit
33. 12th Oct 2005 Autumn British Cho-oyu Summit
34. 7th Sep 2006 Spring American Cho-oyu Summit
35. 2006 Winter British Amadablam Summit
36. 16th May 2007 Spring Czech republic Everest Summit
37. 2007 Autumn American Cho-oyu Summit
38. 22nd May 2008 Spring Cananda Everest Summit
39. 19th May 2009 Spring Irish Everest Summit
40. 17th May 2010 Spring Korean (Portugal) Everest Summit
41. 20th May 2011 Spring Taiwanese Everest Summit
42. 19th May 2012 Spring Mongulan & Korean Everest Summit
43. 19th May 2013 Spring Frienship Expedition Everest North Summit
44. May 2014 Spring Chinese Everest B/Camp Base Camp
45. May 2015 Spring Chinese Everest B/Camp Base Camp
46. 19th May 2016 Spring Join Expedition Everest Camp 2 – 6500m
47. 16th May 2017 Spring Chinese Expedition Everest Base Camp – 5500m